About Us

Who we are

We are a small breeder located in Painesville, Ohio that specializes in elite purebred long hair German Shepherd puppies with world-class pedigrees. Several years ago saw the growing desire for these dogs and how quickly the demand for them was rising. We felt that not only did people want these dogs for their beauty and intelligence but were also looking for quality that normally had to come out of Germany. We decided that we should take that quality and offer it to our clients here in the states. This is why we try to carefully pick our breeding males so we only offer our clients the best available puppies we are able to produce and only use stud dogs who are V or VA rated and IPO3!

World Class Pedigree

We want to provide our clients not only with long hair German Shepherds but with quality long hair German Shepherds. We carefully pick our males who have not only performed well themselves but come from long lines of V/VA rated parents. 

A Furever Friend

Long hair German Shepherds make great family pets for many reasons. They are very loyal, intelligent, and have a great temperament with kids. They also make great family protection dogs. What makes us different from other breeders is that the dogs that we breed are our pets and live with us in our home located in Painesville, Ohio. They get plenty of attention, constantly played with, cuddled with on the couch, and many many walks. A house is not a home without a world-class long hair German Shepherd in it so please contact us for yours today!